Plan Enhancements

When you need more…created with your university in mind

Academic HealthPlans offers more than just student medical insurance plans for colleges and universities. Meet AHPChoice. AHPChoice provides several products to enhance your student health insurance plan. Make sure that your students get all of the services and protection they need. Our health insurance plan enhancements include:

Intercollegiate Sports Coverage

Most student health insurance plans don't cover sports-related injuries. Let AHPChoice find your best options for intercollegiate sports coverage for your student athletes. Our underwriters are experienced in both designing sports coverage plans, as well as reviewing intercollegiate policies to ensure that they meet NCAA requirements.

Dental Discount Plans

At Academic HealthPlans, we make a constant effort to improve the well-being and standard of coverage for college and university insurance plan members and their families. That's why we have approved a new benefit, the Academic Dental Plan.

24 Hour Nurse Line

When students have a health question or concern, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the information they need. Our 24-Hour Nurse Line helps students make smarter medical care decisions. With immediate telephone access to experienced nurses students have reliable information based on the latest medical and professional guidelines. Consider our AHP 24-Hour Nurse Line service as a one-stop resource for helping your school's students make smarter health care decisions.

For more information about the student healthcare insurance enhancements available, contact Academic HealthPlans today at (855) 247-2273.

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