Plan Enhancements – Academic HealthPlans

Plan Enhancements

There’s much more to student health than just a medical insurance plan. Our plan enhancements are packaged with your insurance plan to offer students an all-inclusive health solution.

Academic Emergency Services (AES) Logo

Academic Emergency Services

Our Academic Emergency Services will have your students covered while they study or travel away from home. Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and emergency family assistance services are just a few of the benefits that students have when they are traveling.

Basketball sitting on the floor - Intercollegiate Sport Insurance

Intercollegiate Sports Coverage

With over ten years of experience underwriting and managing intercollegiate sports plans, AHP is willing and able to get you the appropriate coverage for this unique segment of your student population.

Smiling nurse on phone - 24-hour nurseline

24-Hour Nurseline

In the case of an illness or accident, students may wonder whether they should go to the Emergency Room, an Urgent Care Clinic or make an appointment with their Primary Care Physician. When students need quick, reliable health care advice, our 24/7 Nurseline should be the first stop. Students will benefit from having knowledgeable and certified professionals to assist them in determining the best plan of action for their medical care.

Doctor on tablet - Telehealth


Why would a student want to make a trip to the doctor’s office when they can reach one from the comfort of their own room? Telehealth makes going to the doctor effortless. Not only will they be able to get a prescription or a simple diagnosis without leaving their room, they can do all this from their mobile device!

Therapy Session

Student Assistance Program

Our Student Assistance Program offers students unlimited 24/7 assessment, counseling and individual crisis intervention or assistance with stress, depression, and personal problems, family and relationship concerns, substance abuse issues, and parenting concerns. Just another way we’ve got your students covered.

Eye exam - Discount programs for dental and vision

Dental/Vision Discounts

With our medical plans, students will be able to use network discounts when they visit an in-network dentist or optometrist. A simple way to save students money while ensuring they keep their smile bright and vision 20/20.

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