Student Insurance Health Plan Consulting

Student insurance. That's all we do.

Sure there are opportunities for new lines of business in the insurance market, but Academic HealthPlans (AHP) stands firm in our sole dedication to student health insurance. For 15 years it has been our only line of business, allowing us to focus on your students and administrators, sharing our experience and expertise, as your Student Health Insurance Plan Manager. And honestly, insuring automobiles and houses just wouldn’t be as fun.

RFP Management

Request For Proposal (RFP) management might be the one process that rivals waiver management in terms of “fun.” In most cases, managing an RFP in order to find a new insurance carrier is challenging and time consuming, but absolutely necessary. You want to secure the best insurance program for your students.

With AHP as your student health insurance plan manager, you now have an advantage. We are well-versed in RFP management, both for our current clients in search of new carriers and when we participate in outside RFPs for new business.

Our in-house RFP team demonstrates due diligence in managing your RFP while helping you select a new school insurance plan carrier. In addition to handling the responsibility of RFPs for our clients, we provide the added benefit of the close partnerships we have with several industry leaders. Top-rated insurance carriers, third-party administrators and PPO networks are all ready to provide your university with a great quote.

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