Manage insurance waivers

Academic HealthPlans (AHP) has the unique capability to customize the online waiver process for each of our clients. Once an insurance waiver is entered into our computer system, we verify the information within 24 to 48 hours. When insurance coverage has been verified, our system will change the status of the waiver from Waiver Submitted to Approved. An email is then sent to the student, notifying them that their waiver has been approved and no further action is needed.

  • User profile information, user name and password can be created from school list.
  • Students each have a unique account profile — pre-populated, or user created.
  • School administration has the ability to change waiver status and add notes.
  • Dashboard items are defined by the school and configured by AHP.
  • Students can view and correct unverified waivers during open period.

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