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Student Medical Insurance

Working with you to keep your students healthy is the most important part of our job. This wouldn’t be possible without a medical insurance plan that allows students to get the best care at the best cost. We will work directly with you and the insurance carriers to administer the products that best meet the needs of your student population.

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ACA-Compliant Student Health Plans

You want options? We have them. We partner with the industry’s best carriers for student health insurance including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, Cigna, Wellfleet, and UnitedHealthcare. When you partner with us, it’s all about you and your students. Our carrier relationships allow you to choose a plan, network and premium cost that best suits your needs.
Our broad network of carrier partners gives students access to:

  • ACA-Compliant plans that will cost less than the marketplace
  • Top providers in their home town and across the U.S. through large Preferred Provider Networks (PPO)
AHP International Student Insurance

Alternative International-Only Plans

A standard medical plan isn’t the right option for everyone. We have plans available that are made specifically for smaller schools that want to provide an option for international students at a lower cost. Our international-only plans will provide students with access to:

  • J-1 Compliant Offerings
  • Optional benefits such as mental health, sports injury and maternity coverage
  • Evacuation & Repatriation Services
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Edusure is a student-focused health insurance marketplace.
This coverage is for domestic students at schools that only offer an international plan and for domestic and international students at schools that do not offer a school-sponsored plan or where the student does not meet the school-sponsored plan eligibility requirements.

Edusure is a simple solution to ensuring that all students across the nation have access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare coverage. Your role is easy since Edusure requires no administration on the part of the college or university.

Learn more about Edusure. 

Do your student athletes need individual coverage that includes coverage for sports accidents? Click here to view plans for student athletes.

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