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Privacy Statement

At Academic HealthPlans (also referred to as “AHP” throughout this page and website), we know how important your privacy is to you, and it is very important to us as well. Whether you are a current customer or just visiting our website, we are committed to attempting to protect the information you provide, just as we protect it when you provide it to us over the phone, in person or through the mail.

We value your relationship with us, so we want you to understand our privacy objectives for our website, and how and why we collect, use and disclose the personal information about you on our websites. If you are a customer of AHP, you have also received the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices that describes AHP’s use and disclosure of your “protected health information” under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). This Website Privacy Statement supplements that HIPAA Notice by providing you with information concerning AHP’s practices and procedures relating specifically to information we collect at this website.

Personal Information We Collect and Use at This Website

We do not collect any personal information about you at our websites unless you choose to provide it to us voluntarily. We define “personal information” as information that is unique to you and might include your phone number, name, age, address or Social Security Number. If you encounter a screen or page that requests information you do not want to share with us, do not enter the information and do not proceed with that screen or page.

If you do provide us with personal information, we will restrict its use to the purposes expressed where it was collected. We will not sell, license, transmit or disclose this information outside of AHP unless

  • you expressly authorize us to do so
  • it is necessary to allow our contractors or agents to provide services for us
  • it is required to provide our products or services to you
  • or otherwise as we are required or permitted by law

AHP uses Plaid Technologies, Inc. (“Plaid”) to gather End User’s data from financial institutions. By using our service, you grant AHP and Plaid the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your personal and financial information from the relevant financial institution. You agree to your personal and financial information being transferred, stored, and processed by Plaid in accordance with the Plaid Privacy Policy.

Use of Email

For purposes of this site, email can be used either as a mechanism to provide information you requested or as a way we can communicate with each other.

In some situations, you may have provided your email address to us in order for us to send you information about a service or resource that you requested. Unless you opt out of receiving these types of emails, we will continue to send you information. In addition, we may use third-party vendors to determine if you open and use any information that we share via email, as well as to solicit your feedback through online surveys. Responding to these surveys is always optional.

Email can also be used as a mechanism for you to ask questions and provide comments about our website or services. You are encouraged to provide this feedback. We do share these messages with individuals in the organization who can appropriately respond to the specific email. In addition, we may preserve the content of your email, your email address and our response.

It is important to use good judgment when sending information via the Internet to an email address. Email sent via the Internet my pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have take steps to secure email transmissions while others have not which could affect the privacy and integrity of the email.

Confidentiality and Security

We restrict access to personal information collected about you at our websites to our employees, our affiliates’ employees, or others who need to know that information to provide services to you or are conducting our normal business operations. Your protected health information may be shared electronically with these parties or other authorized entities as permitted by state and federal law. We maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information.

Please note the advice above, under “Email,” regarding sending confidential, personal or sensitive information by email. If you do provide your personal information to us, such as an email, telephone or fax number, or other identifying information, we do not plan to disclose it without your consent. We will plan to maintain this information, as well as any other transactions, according to our usual security and confidentiality standards.

Links to Other Websites

For your convenience we may provide links to other websites and web pages that we do not control. We cannot be and thus, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any websites or pages not under our control. We do not endorse any of these websites or pages, the services or products described or offered on such websites or pages, or any of the content contained on those websites or pages.

Use of Cookies or Other Data Collection Tools

A cookie is a piece of information which a web server may place on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are commonly used by websites to improve the user experience and have not been known to transmit computer viruses or otherwise harm your computer. Many cookies last only through a single website session, or visit. Others may have an expiration date, or may remain on your computer until you delete them.

We may use cookies for a number of purposes – for example, to maintain continuity during a user session, to gather data about the usage of our website for research and other purposes, to store your preferences for certain kinds of information and marketing offers, or to store a user name or encrypted identification number so that you do not have to provide this information every time you return to our website.

Our cookies will track only your activity relating to your online activity on this website, and will not track your other Internet activity. Our cookies do not gather personally identifiable information.

You can decide if and how your computer will accept a cookie by configuring your preferences or options in your browser. However, if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to use certain online products, services or features on our website.

We may occasionally use other companies to set cookies on our websites and gather cookie information for us. In some cases we may also use another company to operate web servers for our website. We use the cookie information gathered by these companies in the same manner as stated above.

In addition to the information we collect from cookies, we also obtain information which you provide to us online – for example, when you submit an application or otherwise communicate with us. In some cases, we retain both the cookie information and/or the information you provide to us online – for example, to complete a transaction you requested or to keep historical records of your past transactions.

You may have the opportunity to provide information to us through online surveys and forms. We use this information to better understand health care needs and to provide quality products, services and other opportunities. AHP wants your visit to our website to be informative and enjoyable. We plan to use any information we obtain from you to help us continually improve the content, functionality and overall usefulness of our website.

Changes to our Website Privacy Statement

Evolving technology will continue to provide us with new and better ways to collect and use information so that we may better serve your health coverage needs. We may change this Statement at any time and from time to time. The most recent version of the Statement is reflected by the version date located at the bottom of this Statement. This Statement is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal right in or on behalf of any party.

Contacting Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this statement or would like to learn more about how we protect privacy.

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