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AcademicVisionCare (AVC)


AcademicVisionCare (AVC)

Unlock a world of affordable and convenient eyewear with AcademicVisionCare (AVC). Say goodbye to outrageous expenses and hello to a seamless, personalized experience that offers unmatched eyewear value to your students. AVC is not just a service; it’s a commitment to making eye care accessible and enjoyable from a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device.

Save Big, See Better

AVC empowers students to take control of their eyewear needs without breaking the bank. On average, users save $150 in out-of-pocket costs. There are no hidden fees or copays, ensuring students get the eyewear they need without spending a fortune.

Effortless Frame Selection

Students can discover the joy of trying on frames from the comfort of their dorm room or home with our Virtual and Home Try-On Kits. AVC makes the frame selection process easy, allowing exploration of our vast collection of 1500+ frames. With AI-powered recommendations, finding the perfect frames has never been more convenient.

Fashion Meets Function

Students can choose from over 500 premium frames covered at no additional cost or pay manufacturer pricing on thousands of designer brands like Ray-Ban and Tom Ford. Whether a student prefers trendy, classic, or bold styles, we have the perfect frame for every taste. Students can pair selected frames with doctor-recommended single-vision lenses for free or opt for contact lenses for added flexibility. And, students who don’t need vision correction can still use the benefits of non-prescription sunglasses or light-blocking computer eyewear.

Your Vision, Your Savings

AVC is not just a service; it’s a commitment to providing affordable, convenient, and personal eyewear tailored to your student’s unique needs. Experience the freedom of clear vision without the financial burden. Join AVC today and embrace a future where your vision is our priority.

Virtual Prescription Renewals

Our online prescription service allows students to easily obtain accurate vision correction without having to go to a physical location. Using our advanced artificial intelligence technology, students can take a free virtual acuity exam from the convenience of their home or dorm room. This enables them to efficiently renew their glasses or contacts prescription without the need to leave their living space.

Comprehensive Eye Care, On Us

We also offer an enhanced eyecare program through AcademicVisionCare+ (AVC+). This program goes above and beyond by offering the opportunity to add one free, comprehensive annual eye exam from a vast network of over 99,000 eye doctors nationwide.

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