Above and beyond in student care

What does care mean to you?

To us it means going above and beyond to provide students the healthcare they need, when they need it. All students covered through AHP, have access to Academic Emergency Services (AES). AES provides coverage to students studying or traveling away from home. AES offers solutions to small challenges and during a crisis. When an unfortunate crisis occurs, AHP has continually risen to the occasion to support students and families.

How we care?
Example #1

Medical emergencies can often leave students with high-costs and unpaid claims. When one international student covered by Academic Emergency Services was severely injured by a hit and run driver, AHP stepped in to negotiate on the students behalf to ensure all claims were written off. If it were not for AHP’s intervention, the student would have been responsible for thousands of dollars.

In their owns words:

“Not long ago, I suffered a severe brain injury. Fortunately, I made it through the horrible ordeal and am now planning to write a book about my experience. Academic HealthPlans played a vital role throughout the experience allowing me to begin work on my book. Because of the level of service that AHP provided, I chose to continue to use  their plan after college, with the continuation of coverage option. I have shared my experience with all of my friends and now they all know who AHP is and what they stand for.”

How we care?
Example #2

Over 25,000 students insured through AHP partner schools were affected by Hurricane Harvey, in late August of 2017. AHP immediately put together a Crisis Management Team who developed a plan to provide the much needed support to our students. The plan included communication with schools to identify affected students and determine any ways that we could support the specific school, coordination with carriers to ensure that we properly communicated students of crisis-specific benefits, and the implementation of a Crisis Hotline where affected students could obtain necessary information to avoid lapses in healthcare and handle any claims concerns that may arise.

Additionally, the entire AHP team came together to donate supplies to local shelters for those who were evacuated from the Houston area.