Development of a Customized Waiver Program for a Large Public System

Academic HealthPlans (AHP) partners with the University of Texas System (UT System), the largest non-profit university within the State of Texas. UT System has 14 campuses and close to 220,000 enrolled students. AHP was able to implement a successful waiver program for each UT System campus based on their unique criteria, via our secure and flexible waiver systems.

and Scope

UT Dallas asked AHP to provide waiver auditing services for their students in the upcoming Summer term. Previously, waiver requests were handled internally by the school using a paper-based system. Knowing that the UT System standard waiver guidelines were soon to be implemented using ACA compliancy, the school asked for their new AHP Summer waiver system to go live on 4/1/14 utilizing AHP’s proprietary waiver technology.

Methodologies Applied
  • AHP customer service documentation, auditor documentation, and a Waiver Process Summary document were developed.
  • The documentation was completed to ensure that all parties had a detailed description of the waiver process, audit criteria and insurance requirements, and the responsibilities assigned to each party.
  • The school provided their approval signature on the Waiver Process Summary and the implementation began.
  • To ensure a flawless transition to the system, AHP provided training materials to the school administrators and students on using the new waiver system.
  • The waiver program was successfully moved from UT Dallas’s paper processing to AHP’s electronic system, meeting the school’s requested deployment date.
  • AHP provided previously unavailable capabilities to the school such as reporting and automated email notifications to students on the status of their waiver.
  • The AHP Waiver team continued to provide support on-line and via phone to administrators, parents and students throughout the year.
Results Delivered

External waiver processing saved the school a considerable amount of time and money, gave students access to a greater level of waiver support and decreased the waiver processing from three business days to one.

With the news of a very successful Summer waiver for UT Dallas, additional UT campus waiver processing requests were received each semester.

Today we have 17 waiver websites for UT including both domestic, international, and school of medicine students and have processed almost 30,000 waivers for UT since 2014.