Insurance Management Administration

Waiver Management

At Academic HealthPlans (AHP), we understand that you need a waiver program that is specific to your school, or maybe even to your various campuses. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide a fully-customizable waiver solution. Our program is designed to make it easy for students to waive out of a plan and even easier for administrators to monitor. Our Waiver Team is equipped to handle the entire process, but we also welcome university involvement.

On-Site Orientation Support

AHP will be there when you need us for orientations, health fairs or an educational presentation for International students. Campus visits are a wonderful opportunity for us to help explain and promote your school’s health insurance plan and its benefits to your students, their parents and to university staff members. To help us achieve this, we’ll provide informational tools developed to ensure your students fully understand their benefits.

AHP Care

AHP offers your students a multi-language toll-free line that connects them directly with a Customer Care representative. We provide you with a dedicated concierge line directly to an Account Service Manager. We go the extra mile to ensure that all inquiries are handled accurately and efficiently.
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