College Health Centers: More Valuable Services to Meet the Needs of a Student Population

Student Health, Value-Added Benefits

In our previous blog, we saw some fundamental services to offer your students at an on-site student health center. However, these aren’t your only options. There are many ways to get creative in your offerings and offer a robust package of services tailored specifically for students.

Here are some of those additional services:

  • On-campus access to psychiatric consults for medication management
  • Specialty care such as Women’s Health Services, Orthopedic Services, Alternative care (acupuncture, nutrition, etc.)
  • Allergy clinics are offered at some health centers one or two days a week. Nurses can store the vials provided by students from their own doctors and often this meets their needs
  • X-ray services – this is especially important to campuses that have athletic programs, club sports, etc.
  • A student-focused educational resource room. Usually, these are programs that work in conjunction with students that volunteer and are a part of the health promotion degree program. Available resources may include:
    • Pamphlets
    • Online access to medical programs such as “Medline” or “Go Ask Alice”.
    • Places to lounge with a view to relax
    • Yoga balls
    • Sexual health info, condoms, etc.
    • Health management talks
    • Visits with therapy dogs, etc.
  • Group counseling
  • Yoga/stretch, meditation classes

These services are typically seen in health centers that serve larger populations and have bigger budgets, but that doesn’t mean smaller centers with smaller budgets should disregard them. There are multiple ways to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions for your students.