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Why require student health insurance?

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Let’s face it, student health insurance isn’t the most fun or interesting topic to talk about. Nonetheless, it is an essential part of any active and thriving college campus.

There has been a rapid increase of mental health issues, sexually transmitted diseases, and on-campus accidents that have a lot of campuses piling up millions of dollars in debt due in part to liability lawsuits.

Studies show that two-thirds of young adults struggling with mental illness do not seek treatment. Stress and anxiety are the two leading factors, and many students have no place to seek refuge.

The biggest argument against promoting student health insurance is the fight for the student to stay on their parent’s insurance.

Here’s why your students should have their own insurance

It’s no surprise that most people are under the impression that they could be saving money if they don’t buy insurance from a separate company. However, that’s not the case at all! In fact, most insurance companies will lower their costs to make it more affordable for students to buy from them.

 Also, in an effort to keep their clients happy, insurance companies will give students a choice on the type of coverage they want to have: hard or soft waiver? HMO? PPO? You name it. They understand that college students may have to pay for coverage on their own so they make sure their price is fair and includes anything they might need including: dental, vision, travel, and even professional counseling.

Coverage makes a difference

That’s why requiring student health insurance benefits both you and your students. Quality coverage at an affordable price is something no one should pass up, or they should at least be given the option.

 Otherwise, another leading cause of students leaving college prematurely is due to unforeseen circumstances– like an unexpected illness which will lead them to racking up large sums of debt in medical costs since they may not have coverage. The question then becomes, can you afford for your students to not have coverage?


Open Enrollment 101

Costs and Coverage, International Students, Student Affairs, Student Health

In the months leading up to the start of a new semester, Open Enrollment is a focal point for many. This is the time that students can voluntarily enroll in their Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). It is important for this process to be as easy as possible so all students that need the plan get enrolled before Open Enrollment ends. There are many options offered to students to ensure a simple transition into their SHIP. Below are a few examples of the choices available to students during the Open Enrollment period.

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What is Prior-Authorization & Why do Insurance Companies Require it?

Costs and Coverage, International Students, Risk Management, Student Affairs, Student Health

“This procedure/medication will require prior-authorization.” Words that no patient wants to hear when they are ready to proceed with a doctor-approved treatment plan for their medical concerns. However, it is one of the utilization management tools that insurance companies have developed to determine whether certain prescribed procedures, services, and medications are medically necessary, or whether there is an equally effective treatment available to the patient.

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What to do when your insurance claim is denied? A high-level overview of the appeal process.

Costs and Coverage, International Students, Risk Management, Student Affairs, Student Health

Imagine opening your mail to find a surprise bill from a medical provider due to a denied claim. Now imagine that preauthorization for your child’s lifesaving procedure was denied. These are not situations that students, or anyone else, should have to worry about. A denial from the insurance company can be disheartening, but there are steps that can be taken to appeal the decision. Below is a high-level overview of the process for appealing an insurance claim.

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