5 Ways Omni-channel is Transforming Customer Service

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Customer Experience (CX).

When you hear certain brand names, do you think about your last customer experience? Have you ever wondered why getting questions answered or problems solved from some companies is like a nauseating merry-go-round? Some companies  seem to offer a more seamless CX; regardless of whether you prefer mobile app, IM, web chat, website, email or phone.

Most companies offer many of these same channels but the head spinning and blood pressure changes begin when these multiple channel opportunities seem more like a maze of delay tactics than a means of efficiently addressing your need. It seems like each attempt on a different channel or with a different support rep begins the whole experience all over again!

Then enters Omni-channel. In recent years, this is the switch more and more major companies have made to make their customer experience as enjoyable as possible.


What is Omni-channel?

“Omni-channel is a technical architecture that ties multiple channels together so the full story of customer service interactions are visible to those providing support. Through this integrated view of customer interactions, companies can anticipate future customer needs and offer support or reminders even before a customer begins the next quest for help.”





Our Chief Operating Officer, Brett Curran, has over 20 years of experience in implementing and managing successful operational change. He works closely with our customer experience representatives, and has summed up five ways an Omnichannel solution will transform our customer service experience

  1. Provides CX Insights – with the ability to analyze the complete student experience with AHP, we can proactively alter our solutions to make what’s most important, more easily accessible thus reducing students need for additional support.
  2. Align resources better- with visibility of information about a student based on recent inquiries or AHP website activities, we are able to dynamically assign the most appropriate support person to address their concern the first time.
  3. Creates more availability- By having the right information more easily accessible and resolving more issues on first contact, we free more resources to assist students/clients with more unique needs.
  4. User Interface- Whether a student prefers a mobile app, instant messaging, web chat on our school website, or email, we want to service them where they are. If they start with web chat or instant messaging then switch to web chat, they shouldn’t have to explain their question or issue all over again.
  5. Proactive engagement – if we can tell a student has been re-enrolling every semester or waiving, we should be able to automatically text a reminder or send an email when the next waiver or enrollment period is coming up, if that’s a student’s preference.

Customer service is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Omnichannel. It also encompasses sales and marketing. The goal is to create a seamless experience for students across all channels, and make the whole process much easier and convenient.