Key Implementation Factors

International Students, Student Affairs, Student Health

The plan has been selected, the contract has been signed, and you have received your email invitation for your schools Implementation Kick-Off Call. Before the call takes place there a few things that you should think about to make sure any possible questions are asked and answered during this call.

The Agenda

Attached in your meeting invite will be the agenda of topics we will discuss during the meeting. Read through the different categories and make note of any questions or edits you may have for each section. We will typically follow the order of the agenda, but we will cover all the following topics during the call:

  • Student Categories
  • Payment Procedures
  • Coverage Periods
  • Enrollment Periods
  • Waiver Information
  • Printed/Online Materials

Coverage and Enrollment Periods

It is best to look through the Coverage and Enrollment periods to be sure they match up with any school related deadlines i.e. if you would like students to enroll until the last day they are able to drop classes, make note of that date to provide during the call. The coverage periods will typically align with what they were the previous year to prevent and gaps or overlaps in coverage.


Waiver dates are also important to look through before the call. If your school uses AHP’s One-Click system, the waiver dates will need to align with the enrollment dates. Take note of the Hide/Remove dates for your waiver deadline. School typically give around one week after the “Hide” date to allow students to submit extra documentation until the “Remove” date. If you have any questions about how your waiver process works, this would be the time to bring that up.

Printed and Online Materials

This is the part of the call where we discuss when you will receive all your plan materials and when your website will go live.  The “Go Live” date of the website site will serve as the due date for all the plan materials, unless you need certain documents before your Go Live date. This is also where you can request all the materials you would like printed, placed online or both. If you’ve noticed a large quantity of Brochures leftover from last year, you can order less during the call. If what you ordered doesn’t end up being enough, you can always request more during the year.

After the Call

After the call is when AHP will set up enrollment and waiver systems with the different coverage, enrollment, and waiver periods that we discussed on the call. Your plan materials and website will go into production after the call, as well.  If you have any questions or changes throughout the implementation season, you can reach out to your Project Manager to make sure the information is dispersed to all departments.