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A Message from Terry Lyons on COVID-19

5 Ways Omni-channel is Transforming Customer Service

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Customer Experience (CX).

When you hear certain brand names, do you think about your last customer experience? Have you ever wondered why getting questions answered or problems solved from some companies is like a nauseating merry-go-round? Some companies  seem to offer a more seamless CX; regardless of whether you prefer mobile app, IM, web chat, website, email or phone.

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#MeToo Movement

Risk Management, Student Affairs, Student Health

Me too. The two words that took the world by storm as women and men of all backgrounds gathered into a synonymous bond with one painfully similar connection. They had all received some level of sexual abuse within their lifetime. Although this movement has now become a trending topic, this information is far from new when it comes to college campuses.

The numbers don’t lie

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