Open Enrollment 101

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In the months leading up to the start of a new semester, Open Enrollment is a focal point for many. This is the time that students can voluntarily enroll in their Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). It is important for this process to be as easy as possible so all students that need the plan get enrolled before Open Enrollment ends. There are many options offered to students to ensure a simple transition into their SHIP. Below are a few examples of the choices available to students during the Open Enrollment period.


Paper enrollment forms are a common way for students to voluntarily enroll in SHIP, especially if they are adding dependents. Students will fill out the form with their chosen coverage period, personal and payment information, and mail or fax the form in to enroll. If dependent coverage is available, they can enroll their dependents using this form as well. A Qualifying Event form may be used a well for students enrolling outside of the open enrollment period. Examples of Qualifying Events are when a student turns 26 and is no longer covered on their parents’ plan, marriage, birth of a child, or change in employment. A Continuation Enrollment Form, if applicable, are available for graduating students that still need to use the SHIP.


An online enrollment system is another way for students to sign up for the SHIP. Once open enrollment begins, an “Enroll Online” link will appear, where the students can sign in to choose their coverage period, enter their personal information, and pay directly online. Dependents can enroll online with the student, if coverage is available.


If the school would prefer to decide which student should or should not be enrolled in the plan, they can elect to use the list enrollment option. This option uses a secure file transfer system making it a simple and accurate process for enrolling a certain group of students. The school then has the option to bill the premium to the student’s bursar account.


Year after year, plan eligibility and student status can change, and the students may not be able to purchase the school sponsored insurance plan. Edusure is the solution for SHIP ineligibility. This system allows students to find and compare plans suited just for them in their area. With access to over 300 carriers over the U.S., Edusure’s goal is to provide the best plan at the best price. They also have access to licensed insurance advisors by phone or online chat, should they have any questions while searching for a plan.

It is important to keep all necessary Open Enrollment information such as dates, links, forms, and eligibility requirements, in an easy to see location. Open Enrollment is essential to ensuring the students stay insured. Using one of the options above, or a combination of them will help with a successful Open Enrollment.